The View | canvas: 20cm*30cm
The sea Ι| canvas: 20cm*30cm
Houses I | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Houses II | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Houses III | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Children | canvas: 90cm*100cm
Child at the window | canvas: 30cm*40cm
Desires | canvas: 40cm*45cm
Boats | canvas: 20cm*30cm
Sofa | canvas: 70cm*90cm
Above the City | canvas: 90cm*100cm
Life tree | canvas: 40cm*45cm
Βalcony | canvas: 20cm*30cm
In the afternoon | canvas: 20cm*30cm
Dance | canvas: 30cm*30cm
The Flicking | canvas: 30cm*40cm
The sharing | canvas: 40cm*60cm
Plank Salvation | canvas: 30cm*30cm
Passes-passes | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Inside out | canvas: 50cm*60cm
World | canvas: 20cm*30cm
Magic carpet | canvas: 40cm*60cm
Quietness!!| canvas: 30cm*30cm
The alternative | canvas: 30cm*30cm
Hey...op! | canvas: 20cm*25cm
Floral TV| canvas: 70cm*100cm
Outlet| canvas: 30cm*40cm
Dive! | canvas: 75cm*60cm
Blooming Laundry | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Touch | canvas: 180cm*250cm
Hug the dream Ι| canvas: 30cm*40cm
Hug the dream ΙI| canvas: 30cm*40cm
Field | canvas: 40cm*60cm
PIcnic | canvas: 20cm*25cm
Stairway| canvas: 40cm*60cm
Speaking the dialect of birds | canvas: 50cm*60cm
The boy eho used to jump | canvas: 50cm*60cm
Now I can tell you the secret | canvas: 60cm*90cm
From high above| canvas: 50cm*60cm
A walk| canvas: 40cm*78cm
Kids in water | canvas: 40cm*78cm
Ιn the Forest,the Light and the Wind Ι | canvas: 30cm*40cm
Ιn the Forest,the Light and the Wind ΙI | canvas: 30cm*40cm
Ιn the Forest,the Light and the Wind III | canvas: 30cm*40cm
On the beach | canvas: 140cm*80cm
Colors in the sand | canvas: 140cm*80cm